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Welcome! Scroll down for more Health Talks. The second video down is a recording of one of our most popular webinars on Weight Management & Disease Prevention. Don't forget to visit us regularly for the latest up-dates.

Preventing Chronic Disease
In this short 13 min video you’ll discover what the World Health Organization and other leading scientific organizations say are the leading causes of death. You will also learn a few simple yet powerful things you can do to prevent chronic disease while boosting energy levels naturally and slowing down the aging process!

Weight Management & Disease Prevention
Overwhelmed and confused by all the weight loss fads and "magic" diet pills on the market?

Discover the REAL Scientific Solution to losing weight and keeping it OFF!

Did you know that extra weight substantially raises the risk of illness from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, gall bladder disease, arthritis, sleep disturbances, breathing problems and certain types of cancers? After watching the video recording below of a recent live webinar, you will clearly understand why our bodies tend towards holding on to weight and what you can do to STOP it.

Click PLAY to watch a recording of this recent live webinar.

The Free Gift offer at the end of this presentation is expired, we now offer a free CD "The 3 Missing Links" that is full of the latest scientific information from top scientist around the world on how to protect your health.

If you have any problem with seeing and hearing these talks email us at We hope you have ended up learning new ways to improve your health though these Heath Talks presented to you by the WisdomBuilders group.